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Model LGXM Demand Metered Valve
Model LGXTC Time Clock Valve


Water Softeners soften the water by removing all the hardness
minerals and limestone, making the water Soft and Luxurious.
Also removes radioactive Radium 226 and Radium 228.
  • Fully Automatic
  • Computerized Control Valve
  • Low Voltage 12V System
  • Back-up Power Outage Protection
  • Full 1" Noryl Control Valve
  • Double Backwash Feature
  • Treated Water Regenerant Refill
  • Fiberglass Mineral Tank
  • Non-Corrosive and Rustproof
  • Outdoor Weatherproof Valve Cover Available
  • 18" x 33" Round Salt Brine Tank with Safety Overflow Valve and Salt Support Grid Platform
  • Written Limited Warranty
  • Complete Installation Instructions




Model Cabinet-26 
Demand Metered Valve 
Timer Clock Valve 

Now Free Freight and Crating
Free Four Position By-Pass Valve ($68.00 value)

LGX 18,000 Grains   Not $1598! $794.00
LGX 26,000 Grains   Not $1772! $828.00
LGX 32,000 Grains   Not $1843! $897.00
LGX 48,000 Grains   Not $2065! $984.00
LGX 64,000 Grains   848Not $2248! $1083.00
Cabinet LGX - 26,000 Grains   Not $1895! $893.00
Vortech Upgrade add-on $84.50   New Technology

With Vortech your Smart Valve can now have a
Smart Tank Water Distribution System

Add-on Demand Metered Regeneration - $85.00

Free Noryl Four Position By-Pass Valve ($68.00 value)

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[Pricing subjet to change without notice.]

(Larger Commercial Water Softeners Available)

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Medical Note:
Potassium Crystals may be used with these units in lieu of Salt for Sodium 
Free soft water. Please call 1-800-722-3212 for more information.
Model Number Rated Capacity Diameter Overall Height Size Capacity Electrical Current Requirements Operating Water Temp. Approx. Shipping Weight
LGX18 18,000 grains 7" 52" 18" X 33" 300 lbs. 120 Volt
60 Cycle
40 - 120 degrees F 61 lbs.
LGX26 26,000 grains 8" 52" 73 lbs.
LGX32 32,000 grains 9" 56" 86 lbs.
LGX48 48,000 grains 10" 62" 117 lbs.
LGX64 64,000 grains 13" 62" 160 lbs.
Cabinet-26 26000 grains 44" x 13.5" x 20.5" 200 lbs 73 lbs

Benefits and Savings of Soft Water

  • Eliminates sticky, gummy soap scum stains
  • Spotless dishes and glasses
  • Softer towels and cleaner clothes
  • 60% savings on soap and cleaning expenses
  • Stops scaling in hot water tanks and plumbing
  • Save 20% on electric to heat hot water


Important Shipping Question for you: How do you want your order shipped?

Do you want your brand new Automatic Water Softener to be shipped by another company (not Water Refining Co.) in a UPS truck allowing the 4 or 5 loose cartons free to bounce all around or even up-side-down and you will need to assemble the Water Softener parts before installation...mineral media will need to be added to the empty mineral tank, master control valve screwed down into the tank, ETC.


Do you want it shipped by Water Refining Co,  on a wooden pallet standing upright, shrink wrapped and double banded completely assembled and ready for installation. Shipped via "common freight carrier" truck with a lift gate. No hidden or visible damage hassles. (Now Free Freight and Crating USA.)

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