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This Automatic Sulphur Filter is for the removal of light Sulfur and heavy iron from well water.     Whole house system.    
(Heavy Sulphur requires either Indoor or Outdoor Aerator System) Click Here

  • Outdoor Weatherproof Valve Cover Available
  • Fully Automatic
  • Computerized Solid State Valve
  • Low Voltage 12V System
  • Back-up Power Outage Protection
  • Full 1" Noryl Control Valve
  • Double Backwash Feature
  • Treated Water Regenerant Refill
  • Fiberglass Mineral Tank (gravel under bedding)
  • Non-Corrosive and Rustproof
  • Written Limited Warranty
  • Complete Installation Instructions


Model 5700L-CF $ 2259.00
$   892.00
$   892.00
  Retail Price
  (Web Discount)
  Reduced Web Price
  Now Free Freight & Crating USA
  Free By-pass Valve ($68 value)
Vortech Up-grade add-on $96.50 New Technology
With Vortech your Smart Valve can now have a Smart Tank Water Distribution System

Free four position Noryl By-Pass Valve ($68.00 value)
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[pricing subject to change without notice]

Larger Residential and Commercial Automatic Sulfur Filters Available.

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Order Information Page

SPECIFICATIONS MINERAL TANK SOLUTION CONTAINER ***************************************
Model Number Mineral Gravel under Bed Diameter Overall Height Size

Maximum Sulfur Content

Smart Valve & Pipe Size

5700-L CF 1 Cu. Ft.
Greensand Plus
20 lbs 9" 56" 10"x16" Sulfur 1-2 ppm
(For higher sulfur see
Ourdoor Sulfur Aerator Systems
Indoor Sulfur Aerator Systems )
Full 1" 125 lbs

*Apply where pH is 6.5 or greater or acid neutralizer filter also needed.


  • Eliminates rotten egg odors, and makes water taste better.

  • Protects your plumbing, hot water heater and appliances from corrosiveness and black stains.

  • This whole house, residential fully automatic unit is typically pre-set for a 5-
     cycle regeneration to occur only once a week. At this rate of regeneration, 3 lbs.
     of potassium permanganate (available nationwide) is to be added to the smaller
     tank by the homeowners every three months.

  • A written warranty and owner's manual including installation instructions are shipped with the unit within two working days from the date of your order.

Note: Manual Type Sulfur Filters are also available. They are non-electric and whole house systems. Please call Customer Service (800) 722-3212 for more information.

Important Shipping Question for you ... How do you want your order shipped?

Do you want your brand new Automatic Sulfur Filter to be shipped by another company (not Water Refining Co.) in a UPS Truck allowing the 4 or 5 loose cartons free to bounce all around or even up-side-down and you will need to assemble the filter parts before installation…mineral media will need to be added to the empty mineral tank, master control valve screwed down into the tank, ETC.


Do you want it shipped by Water Refining Co, on a wooden pallet standing upright, shrink wrapped and double banded completely assembled and ready for installation. Shipped via "common freight carrier" truck with a lift gate. No hidden or visible damage hassles. Worry free two day shipping. (Now Free Freight and Crating USA.)


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