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Radon Aerator Model            AER01I-BUB-RAD
Indoor Aerator (photo by Helen Hazel Regan)


 Our Aeration Technology is Scientifically Engineered and Designed for
The Removal of Radioactive Radon Gas from Well Water.

The Aeration Process ( mixing of air and water ) is the most effective technology for the mitigation of radioactive Radon Gas from well water. Aeration is a very natural process and environmentally green technology.

   No Carbon Filters         No Cartridges         No Backwashing      
   No Charcoal         No Chemicals      No Maintenance

  • Continual Full Time 24/7 Radon Removal With The Air Compressor Bubble Pump
  • Environmentally Green Technology
  • Chemical Free
  • FDA Approved
    (Food & Drug Administration)
  • Polyethylene Customized Blow Molded Tank
  • Fully Automatic
  • Twist Top Accessibility
  • 1/2 H.P. Submersible Pump, 115V or 220V,
    Model: Franklin Electric 20XC1-05P4-2W115, 20 GPM, 60 psi  
  • Bladder Pessure Tank 22 Gal. Flexcon PC66FR
  • Exhaust Blower System
  • Automatic Refilling and Shut Off Controls 
  • Completely Assembled and Pre-wired for Installation
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty on Aerator Tank
  • Installation Instructions Included 


$ 6,478.00
$ 3,170.00
$ 3,170.00

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Optional Sediment, Sand & Turbidity filter   pft100

No Cartridges Needed ... Has Clean-out Valve
[click here for more information on Sediment Filter]

Optional Ozone Bubbler w/Air Stone  #JED-203 - 115V

Ozone Destroys Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites,
Plus Other Microbial Contaminants
Click here for more information on Ozone Bubbler]






  without timer
  with timer included




*Larger Aeration Systems Available upon request.

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Indoor Model Vented
30.5 Inches
72 Inches
75 cubic feet per minute
Full 1 inch

Sulfur Aerator Schematic (photo by Helen Hazel Regan)
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vent installation (photo by Helen Hazel Regan)
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Rectangular Aeration Manifold (photo by Rob Rawlins)
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Aeration Nozzle (photo by Rob Rawlins)
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Rectanglular Aeration Manifold consisting of six(6) patent pending radon aeration nozzles. Each aeration nozzle produces a spiral double cone of spray, a spiral inner cone of spray within a spiral outer cone of spray.
This patent pending spray action doubles the aeration process.

Radon Aeration Technology

It's chemical free. Well water enters the Aerator Tank after your existing well pump and pressure tank. The Aeration manifold scrubs, oxidizes, and aerates (mixing of air and water), and the Radon Gas is blown out via the Exhaust Blower System through a 3" pvc or similar pipe, and vented outside the home. The Radon Gas escapes into the atmosphere.

Also, installed vertically inside the Aerator Tank is a submersible pump needed to re-pressurize the water supplying the home or building. A companion pressure tank is included for the Aerator submersible pump. The System is fully automatic with automatic refilling and shutoff controls.


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