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(For Well Water Aerator Tank Systems)

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  • Ozone destroys Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Cysts, Algae, Mold, Mildew, Spores, plus other microbial contaminants in Well Water.
  • Ozone also removes objectionable odor and improves taste.
  • No chemicals. Leaves no unpleasant chemical taste like chlorine and will not irritate skin, nose or ears.
  • Ozone does not affect the PH balance of water.
  • Ozone aids in the removal of Sulfur, Iron, and Manganese in Well Water.
  • Ozone is a powerful sanitizer and oxidizer and reverts back into oxygen, leaving no harmful by-products whatsoever.
  • No contact time required. Works instantly.
  • Operating costs less than a penny per hour.

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    Ozone Bubbler Model JED 203  115V

    Ozone Bubbler Model JED 603  115V

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$324.00 without timer             Model JED 203 (Residential)
$397.00 with timer included   Model JED 203 (Residential)

$463.00 without timer             Model JED 603 (Commercial)
$536.00 with timer included   Model JED 603 (Commercial)

  • Plastic Rainproof Enclosure that can be  wall mounted outdoors.
  • Air compressor pumps the ozone into the  aerator tank.
  • Operating costs -- less than a penny per hour.


      SPECIFICATIONS (203 / 603)

  • Dimensions: 9 1/2" x 8 1/2 " x 4 1/2" 
  • Input Voltage: 120VAC 60HZ
  • Operating Current: 0.42 AMPS / 0.67AMPS
  • Ozone Output: 100 MG per Hour / 200 MG per Hour
  • Power Consumption: 50 Watts / 80 Watts
Installation Diagram (not to scale)
JED 203
Drawing not to scale.


If you are using UV – you definitely need an oxidizer like ozone too. But if you are using ozone – UV is not necessary.

Ozone does everything that UV does, but UV does not do everything that ozone does.

Ozone oxidizes and combines the contaminants so they are easily filter out. That is why water is so crystal clear when using ozone. UV is not an oxidizer (except in very small amounts right at the unit). Ozone will also disinfect the walls inside the tank above the water line, preventing mold and mildew from growing on the tank walls.  UV will not decontaminate the tank walls.

If a UV unit is present, it can only work well in very clear water. If water is cloudy, UV rays will not reach impurities as effectively.  UV will actually work much more effectively when used with an ozonator because of the crystal clear water achieved with ozone.

  • Ozone kills microorganisms, UV inactivates them, sometimes only temporarily.
  • Ozone destroys biofilm. UV does not affect biofilm.
  • Ozone destroys Humic and Fulvic Acid. UV doesn't affect Humic and Fulvic acid.
  • Ozone destroys sulfur odors and other foul odors. UV does not eliminate odors.
  • Ozone kills Cryptosporidium parvum. UV inactivates it.


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