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Sulfur [Indoor] Aerators
Sulfur [Outdoor] Aerators
Methane Aerators
Radon Aerators
Automatic Iron Filters
Manual Iron Filters
Automatic Sulfur Filters

Automatic Water Softeners

[No Salt] Water Conditioners
UV Ultraviolet
Ozone Bubbler
Sediment Filter

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About Us


Our company roots go back to 1981 ... the year "Water Refining of Florida" was founded with a state-wide marketing territory. In the year 2002 "Water Refining Company" incorporated in the state of Florida and expanded to a nationwide marketing area. In 2015 "Aerator Systems USA Inc." was founded as an allied Florida Corporation for the purpose of increasing our marketing area to include Canada, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

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E-mail: water@waterefining.com


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